about ipv6 Council Nigeria

The prime objective of the Nigeria IPv6 Council and its members is to promote deployment and coordinated uptake of the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) ..


IPv6 Strategy for Nigeria

The IPv6 council Strategy for the Federal Republic Nigeria action plan initiatives could be put into two categories: Infrastructure and Awareness.


Goals and Objectives

  • Promote National awareness on IPv6 at all levels, thorough events and workshops
  • Promote acquisition and deployment of IPv6 across Nigerian networks

The Nigeria IPv6 Council

The Internet World has been using the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) for the last two decades.  Despite its tremendous success, IPv4 is showing signs of strain especially in its fast depleting IP address space and its growing security concerns.  IPv6 preserves everything good in today’s Internet, and adds much more, such as virtually unlimited IP address space to connect everyone and everything, stateless auto-configuration, seamless mobility, automated network management, end to end security and new optional service levels.

The Nigeria IPv6 Council is a chapter of the IPv6 Forum dedicated to the advancement and promotion of IPv6 best practices and lessons learned in Nigeria. Comprised of individual members, as opposed to corporate sponsors, its mission is to provide technical leadership and innovative thought for the successful integration of IPv6 into all facets of networking and telecommunications infrastructure, present and future.   Please visit:  (under construction)

The IPv6 Forum is a world-wide consortium of international Internet service providers (ISPs) and National Research & Education Networks (NRENs), with a mission to promote IPv6 by improving market and user awareness, creating a quality and secure New Generation Internet and allowing world-wide equitable access to knowledge and technology.  The key focus of the IPv6 Forum today is to provide technical guidance for the deployment of IPv6.  IPv6 Summits are organized by the IPv6 Forum and staged in various locations around the world to provide industry and market with the best available information on this rapidly advancing technology.  Please visit http://www.ipv6forum.com .

Goals and Objectives

The Nigeria IPv6 Council will be winning key stakeholders from government, industry and academia to design the IPv6 roadmap and vision together for Nigeria to embrace the New Internet world based on IPv6.
The Nigeria IPv6 Council will drive the right messages to the prime stakeholders to enable IPv6 in their networks to empower the developers and the users to be at par with the rest of the world.

To this end the IPv6 Nigeria Council will focus on these goals and initiatives in the next 24 Months:

  • Promote National awareness on IPv6 at all levels, thorough events and workshops
  • Promote acquisition and deployment of IPv6 across Nigerian networks
  • Contribute to National Policy to resolve issues that create barriers to IPv6 deployment
  • Promote the sharing of IPv6 knowledge and experience among members and stakeholders.
  • Facilitate IPv6 Capacity Building to all key stakeholders
  • Setup evaluation and monitoring framework for IPv6 deployment.